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Army L85A2 Full Metal EBB AEG[R85A2]

Army L85A2 Full Metal EBB AEG

Army L85A2 Full Metal EBB AEG[R85A2]

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  • - 1/1 full scale fully accurate and performing electronic blowback AEG
  • - FULL METAL housing makes this AEG weigh over 3.5kg
  • - Featuring FULL & SEMI automatic shooting mode
  • - Full auto BLOW BACK ACTION while shooting
  • - Realistic steel receiver with nylon fiber grip
  • - 450 rds full metal hi-cap magazine is compatible with M16 Series
  • - No orange tip!
  • - Constant and stable 400 FPS shooting

Bonus Features (based on the comparisons of the real firearm L85A1):
  • - The British Infantryman's worst nightmare
  • - Everything wrong about late 20th century British small arms design beautifully and accurately replicated in airsoft form
  • - Full auto works 90% of the time, semi auto 65% of the time
  • - Cannot be double tapped or it will jam
  • - Constant jams on semi auto provides absolute unreliability just like the real thing
  • - Very picky when it comes to magazine selection just like the real thing (i.e. confirmed to be compatible with "SOCOM Gear 190 rds TROY Polymer Magazines")
  • - Rear heavy-as-fu** (just like the real thing)!
  • - The most beautiful wall hanger in the world!