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WE Tech Makarov GBB Pistol (Silver)[WEMKSVNoMark]

WE Tech Makarov GBB Pistol (Silver)

WE Tech Makarov GBB Pistol (Silver)[WEMKSVNoMark]

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Attention: You must be 18 or above to purchase airsoft guns!

Notice! Please note the WE Makarov is not really meant for gaming and is more of a collector's piece. Because the internal mechanical action is so compact, it puts a lot of stress on the internals and may cause a malfunction on the pistol's nozzle (or other surrounding parts) itself. This is a well known "design issue" for super-compact pistols such as WE Makarov. The issue "may" be resolved if less intense gasses are used such as duster gas. Please experiment at your own risk. We cannot cover warranty if the internals break during shooting use due to the aforementioned notice!

  • Gas Blow Back Pistol with Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode
  • Metal Slide and Frame
  • Black Color Polymer Grip
  • Comes with 109mm Silencer With 115mm Extension Inner Barrel (Able to increase the muzzle velocity)
  • Excellent Craftsmanship with Textured grip and Solid Pistol Frame
  • Constructed of highly rigid material which make this gun very solid
  • Metal Housing 15 + 1 Rds Loading Capacity Magazine
  • No orange tip!