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AI Bang 22 Timer Sound Grenade[Bang22]

AI Bang 22 Timer Sound Grenade

AI Bang 22 Timer Sound Grenade[Bang22]

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The brand NEW Bang 22 Timer Sound Grenade is the most reliable, easy to use, and loudest reusable sound grenade that airsoft has ever seen! This unique device uses super common powder nail driving cartridges (NOT BLANKS) to give some of the LOUDEST bangs in airsoft! It uses our simple and reliable 3-position timer, its a full metal construction, and it doesn’t require any maintenance!

Kit Contains 2x pull pins

Variable Sound Output
The grenade can produce 3 levels of sound. Brown cartridge is loud. Use it for indoor CQB play Green cartridge is really loud. Use it for loud CQB play Yellow cartridge is REALLY F**KING LOUD! Use it for OUTDOOR play only!

Cheap Consumables
The grenade uses cheap .22cal "powder-actuated fastener" nail driver cartridges that you can find at Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware and online. They're only $0.07 each and they're super easy to buy!

Easy Selectable Timer
Twist the timer to one of the 3 desired settings, add cartridge, screw the head on. That's all! Bang 22 is ready to fire. Easy reload.