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1 x HL Style Headset W/ Noise Cancelling/Sound Pickup MC
2 x AD GBB/Propane Tank Silicone Oil (1.5WT)
1 x GHK AKM / GKM-08 Low Muzzle Velocity Nozzle
1 x 5KU Cmore Mount For HiCapa Type 4 BK
2 x Ztactical TEA Style PTT (Motorola Single Pin)
1 x WiiTech Enhanced Loading Nozzle Assembly for WA
1 x CNC Steel Sear( For WA )
1 x CD R-Style Micro Flashlight DE
1 x Double Bell Bolt Set for 98K Shell Ejecting Rifle (Spring Ver.)
2 x Wolverine Airsoft 18 Wire Harness (Gen. 2)
3 x Tactical UT Hot Button Remote Switch (Picatinay, 2.5mm plug, BK)
1 x Mad Hatter Classic Hat Red
1 x GG Style Forklift Mount Kit T1/T2 DE
1 x EmersonGear Linkage Reduction Metal Airgun Target
1 x PPS M870 Magazine Tube Fixed Bar
2 x Tactical Offset Optic Mount For RMR/T1/T2/SRO
1 x Pofung (Baofeng) Extended 3800mAh Li-ion Battery (A Pair)
1 x AIMO Metal QD 25.4-30mm RDS Mount For AK Series
2 x Ztactical Comtac II
1 x ACM L3 NGAL Red Laser W/LED Flashlight (Aluminun Version, BK)
1 x Legion Baseball Cap (BK, Gold)
1 x CD R-Style Micro Flashlight BK
1 x Sotac Charge MPLS Style Helmet Light
1 x Maple Leaf Autobot 60 degree GBB/VSR Hop-Up Rubber
1 x ED Wire Guide Clip (M-LOK&Keymod, DE)
1 x MHI Dad Hat BK
1 x PPS M870 Steel Right/Left Fork
1 x Element Valve Key BK
1 x FMA Modlite ModButton Lite (2.5mm Plug, DE)
1 x HighReady Gear Tactical LED Flashlight (500 Lumens)
1 x Tactical MOLLE Safe Case For Phone&accessories (Multicam Black)
1 x Valken Cylinder Dumbbell (6 pk, Dumbbell Shells)
1 x Tienly Infinity GT-35000 Motor Long Type
1 x FMA One Oclock Offset Mount (DE)
2 x WADSN MAWL-C1 Red laser/IR Laser/LED Light/IR Light (BK)
1 x L4G24 NVG MOUNT Aluminum (BK)
2 x SF M300/600 Series Tail Button Switch
1 x ARES Flashlight / Laser system Mount for Keymod
1 x Maple Leaf MR 60 degree GBB Hop-Up Rubber
1 x Tac-Sky PRC-148/152/163 Dummy Antenna
1 x WiiTech 92F (T.Marui) Top Gas Version Power-up Loading Nozzle se
1 x EARMOR M13 MTEK M-LOK Helmet Rails Adapter Attachment Kit
1 x Army G36 GBBR Nozzle (WE G36 Compatible)
2 x Tactical Mini ModButton Pressure Remote Switch BK (3.5mm plug)
1 x G style Precision 1.93'' High Mount For MRO Red Dot
1 x Steel Valve Lock For WA M4
2 x CD R-Style Standard Flashlight BK
2 x HL Style Headset W/ Noise Cancelling/Sound Pickup For Helmet FG
1 x Earmor M51 PTT (Kenwood 2 Pins)
1 x SF M300V LED Scout Light BK(500 Lumens, Strobe)
1 x FMA LAB PEQ-NGAL LED Light + IR Red Laser BK
2 x Earmor M32 MOD3 Tactical Headset (2022 Ver., CB)
3 x SF RM45 Offset Mount For M300/600 Tac Light BK
1 x Helmet V-Lite Marker (DE, Red)
1 x Tactical UT Hot Button Remote Switch M-LOK, Flashlight, DE
2 x SF M300 M600 KeyMod Scout Light Mount
1 x Tactical UT Hot Button Remote Switch MLOK&Keymod, 2.5mm plug, BK
1 x Night Evolution Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch(2x3.5mm,BK)
1 x Dominator™ SLP QD 36'' Braided Hose
2 x FUSION Style ModButton Swtch&Mount For M300,M600 BK (3.5mm)
1 x AD Custom 2011 Hicapa RMR Mount Base (TM, JAG ARMS, Army etc)
1 x WiiTech MP7 (KSC, KWA, Umarex) Top Gas Version Power-up Loading
4 x Sotac X300/X400 Remote Dual Switch Assembly BK
2 x Adjustable Tactical Light Mount(1'' Diameter)
1 x FMA LAB PEQ-NGAL LED Light + IR Red Laser DE
1 x Ztactical FBI Style Acoustic Headset (Motorola One Pin)
1 x AD GBBR/Grenade Silicone Oil (30WT)
2 x S&T M1903A3 Scope Mount
1 x Tactical MOLLE Safe Case For Phone&accessories (Multicam)
1 x HL Style Headset W/ Noise Cancelling/Sound Pickup PINK
2 x Sotac Full Metal MAWL-C1 Green laser/IR Laser/LED Light/IR Light (BK)
1 x FMA Tactical Plastic Case (For pistol, Night Vision, Camera etc.)
1 x Matrix EVA SAPI Dummy Plate (2pcs)
1 x Valken V-TAC Tango Thermal Goggle Deluxe Set BK (/w RX Insert)
1 x Army Armament 1911/R501/R601/R614 Enhanced Loading Nozzle
1 x ASG Gear Grease
1 x WiiTech One-way Bearing Piston Head (for Wii Tech gas cylinder)
1 x EG LEAP Mount For T2/T1/REMO etc
1 x WELL Pro WE23-H Rotary Minigun
1 x HRG JPC Style Plate Carrier (OD)
1 x SHS Ver2 High Torque Motor
1 x 5KU Spitfire Flame Tracer 14mm CCW
1 x GHK M4 Low Muzzle Velocity Nozzle
1 x Crossfire Top Green Gas (1100ml)
1 x 5KU Blue Can Training Suppressor - Long
1 x Sotac Multi-Axis Surefire Scout Light Mount for Helmet ARC Rail (BK)
1 x Cyma Metal M4 Hicap Magazine (300rds)
1 x Action Army AAP-01 "Assassin" Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol BK
1 x Double Bell AKS-74U (Steel , Real Wood, QD Gearbox, 2023 Ver., Two Magazines Ver.)
1 x Action Army AAP-01 Compact "Assassin" Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol BK
1 x Army Armament R609 STI 2011 GBB Airsoft Pistol Silver
1 x Emersongear Chest Rig to Vest Adapter Kit BK
1 x Snow Wolf M1A1 Thompson AEG
1 x WELL Pro WE23-X Rotary Minigun
1 x HEL STAR 6 Gen 3 LED Helmet Light/Marker (DE, Red)
1 x Armorer Works 5.1 Gas Magazine (BK, 30 rounds, TM/WE compatible)
1 x Tactical MOLLE Safe Case For Phone&accessories (BK)
1 x BD Wire Cutter 16.2 CNC Aluminum Rail Kit A type(BK) For M4 GBB
1 x Tactical Mini ModButton Pressure Remote Switch DE (3.5mm plug)
1 x SHS Speed-Up Gear Set for V2/3 AEG GENIII (13:1, CL14006)
2 x HRG Graphene 7.4V Lipo Battery (20C, 1100mAh, Tamiya)
2 x Tactical MOLLE Safe Case For Phone&accessories (Tan)
2 x Matrix Tactical Charging Handle For M4/M16 /AEG DE
1 x G&P WA Reinforce Spring
1 x G style Precision 1.93'' High Mount For T1/T2 Red Dot
2 x AD M300/600 Offset Mount (M-LOK & Keymod, DE)
1 x R5 Style Compact 2 MOA Red Dot
1 x Well Pro 2800RD Magazine For WE23-X/Plus/H MINIGUN
1 x HRG JPC Style Plate Carrier (BK)
1 x G&P WA Bolt Buffer
2 x G Style Super Precision 1.93" Rifle Scope Mount DE
1 x Infinity 0.20g 5,000ct Airsoft BBs
1 x GHK M4 Standard Muzzle Velocity Nozzle
2 x FAST LPVO Scope Mount 30mm Scope Rail Mount - BK
1 x FYT B-1121RZ Steel Target
1 x WELL MB02 VSR-10 G-SPEC Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle W/ Bipod&Scope
1 x Nazrin Tunnel Rat Patch
1 x Element Motor Gear Tool (Install & Remove)
1 x AIM MP5 Low Mount
1 x Earmor M32 MOD4 Tactical Headset (2022 Ver. BK)
1 x 5KU AK Scope Mount For T1/T2 Micro Red-dot
3 x FAST Style Tactical Riser Rail Mount BK
1 x 5KU Steel Hammer For Marui M1911A1 Colt Government (Spur Type)
1 x Matrix SORDIN Headset For Helmet BK(Basic Ver., FG)
2 x Earmor M32 MOD4 Tactical Headset (2022 Ver., FG)
1 x Double Bell G Series Competition Upgrade Kit
1 x Matrix Steel AR15 Wrench
1 x PPS M870 Shotgun Steel Forend Wrench
1 x ASP Sling Attachment Point (GBBR)
1 x Tac-Sky AN/PRC152 Radio Military Harris Case W/ 6 Pins U94 PTT
2 x RA steel CNC firing pin (FOR WE SCAR H)
1 x Night Evolution Tail Pressure Switch for WMX200
1 x APL Gen3 Style Pistol Flashlight (DE, 300 Lumens)
2 x TMC STAGE Airsoft Training System Target Set (1 Host + 2 Slave)
2 x WELL Pro MB03AE M700 Upgrade Version W/ Scope & Bipod
1 x APL Compact Tactical Light (Tan, 200 Lumens)
2 x 5KU Staccato Magwell For Hicapa (BK)
2 x MFT Style Stock (DE)
1 x D-Day Variable-cap Silent Magazine (30/120rds, BK)
2 x Tactical UT Hot Button Remote Switch (Picatinay, 3.5mm plug, BK)
2 x HM Flux Style Brace w/ holster set For Glock GBB Series
2 x EG 558 EXPS3 Red Dot (NV Ready, Commercial Marking, BK)
1 x SF X400 Tactical LED Pistol Light w/ Red Laser DE
2 x 5KU Aluminum Custom Optic Rail Mount for Hi-Capa Series Airsoft Pistols (Red)
2 x Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speed BB Loader (BK)
2 x GoPro Mount for Airsoft Gun R.I.S Rail
2 x E&C M16VN (AD Custom, Marking Ver.)
2 x SHS Steel CNC Bearing Bushing 7MM (SHS-ZT0018)
2 x HRG Tactical Seatback Molle Panel
2 x 5KU Mini Stock for MCX / M1913 20mm Rail ( Black )
1 x 5KU Cmore Mount For HiCapa Type 4 SV
1 x E&C EC-34 GBB Airsoft Pistol
1 x MK18 Comp M2 Mount For Aimpoint M2/M3
1 x Classic Army Metal Mount Base For M14 Series
1 x HRG Sniper Gun Bag/Mat (BK)
1 x FAST FTC Style Magnifier Mount For G43 BK
1 x 5KU Replacement Rubber Bullet for 40mm Cartridge (12pcs)
1 x Sig Sauer M17 P320 ASP, .177 Caliber, Coyote Tan
1 x Compact Model Tool Kit
1 x Riser Mount For Aimpoint T1
1 x Dominator™ 68/4500 HPA Carbon Tank
1 x RA Adaptor for WE M4 GBB
1 x Valken Tactical Thunder V Fire Lever
1 x Valken Tank Kits/Parts - SLP QD Air Rig 42 Hose Only
1 x T.Marui M870 barrel mount Installation Tool
1 x L4G24 NVG MOUNT Aluminum (DE)
1 x Navy Seal VIP IR LED Light (Functional Ver., BK)
1 x Dropwing Adaptive Light Mounts
1 x Night Evolution Dual Function Tape Switch (NE 07010)
1 x Night-Evolution Low Drag Mount for T1 and T2 (AO1780)
1 x Rail Switch Light (WHITE&RED)
1 x G Style 9.5'' SMR MK16 M-LOK Rail BK
1 x Laser Bore Sight Collimator
1 x Tac-Sky RAC Tactical Headset for ARC Rail Helmets DE
1 x Wire Guide System (M-LOK & Keymod, BK, MA Type)
1 x ACM LA-5C PEQ15 Red/IR Laser/LED Weapon Light (DE)
1 x 16340 CR123A Rechargeable Battery (3.7V, 750MAH)
1 x WST 6.3 inch 14mm CCW Flash Tracer Surpressor BK
1 x Double Bell DB-90 P90 AEG (High-Speed Ver., QD Gearbox)
1 x 5KU 32mm Spitfire Tracer Insert for Silence Tube (Ver.2)
1 x JUNK Well M11 Gas Magazine (32 Rounds)
1 x SF SOCOM 556 Suppressor W/Built-in Spitfire Tracer (BK, 14mm CCW)
1 x PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine ONE (EPM1) 250 rd AEG Midcap Tan
1 x Pyramex Capstone 500 Series (Dual lens Ver.)
1 x Steel QD Swivel (A)
1 x Thorntail2 Style SBR Light Mount For SF M300/M600 Rail Ver.
1 x SPEED Airsoft Competition Trigger For TM Hi-capa (SA 1932)
1 x SF SOCOM 556 Suppressor W/Built-in Spitfire Tracer (DE, 14mm CCW)
1 x Matrix Tactical SF Respirator Half Mask (Functional W/ Microphone)
1 x WST 3.5 inch 14mm CCW Flash Tracer Surpressor BK
1 x S&T Spare Magazine for Kar98K/M1903A1 Spring Rifle (25 rds)
1 x PDI AEG Hopup W Hold Bucking