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AI 3x Cyclone Grenade System[AIcyclone3xP]

AI 3x Cyclone Grenade System

AI 3x Cyclone Grenade System[AIcyclone3xP]

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Quantity :
The 3x Cyclone Grenade System contains everything you need to demolish your competition on the field. We’ve included 3 of our Cyclone Impact Grenades, 3 HANN Grenade Holsters, 3 Lanyard Reels and 3 Limited Morale Patches. Also Includes 3 Grenade Oils and 3 Grenade Skin Sets.
We think this complete airsoft grenadier kit offers players an all inclusive package of three devastating sidearms for the price of one.

Cyclone Grenade Info:
  • Spiritual successor to the Tornado Grenade, now as a 3x pack bundle!
  • Runs on propane + BBs, no other consumables
  • Easy to reload, no loose parts in the trigger mechanism
  • Reliable, effective and devastatingly powerful
  • Spherical firing pattern due to spinning action
  • All for about the price of one GBB pistol
HANN Grenade Holster Info:
  • Molle compatible holster clip for keeping your grenades ready for fast deployment.
  • Includes a bungee secondary retention to secure your grenades.
  • High Quality Polymer construction
  • HANN Holster is made in the USA.
Lanyard Reels Info:
  • Lanyard reel prevents loss of your Cyclone pins and retracts to keep them out of the way.
Limited Edition NEW Morale Patches Info:
  • Confers a +3 morale and +3 charisma bonus to the wearer.
  • Includes the following patches: Chairsofter, Painbringer and Gun Collector
  • Made with PVC