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LR-QSC VER2, 3 Gearbox Spring Change Service (Spring Included)[SCS_3]

LR-QSC VER2, 3 Gearbox Spring Change Service (Spring Included)

LR-QSC VER2, 3 Gearbox Spring Change Service (Spring Included)[SCS_3]

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Quantity :
Certain fields limit the FPS depending on type and size of the field. Indoor fields typically have a maximum of 350, 360 or 380 FPS via 0.2g 6mm bbs. Please consult your field's regulations to double check maximum FPS. We are not responsible for end user mistake/misinformation.

The THREE REASONS to trust our services!
- Speedy fast on Eurobeat! Spring is changed within *60 minutes of ordering (within store hours)!
- Professionally done, error free spring change service
- 2 weeks **error free guaranteed warranty

--[ Please note, service is non-refundable! ]--

Online and In-store: Service is applicable for AEG models purchased together or previously purchased from our store.

In-store only: Service is applicable for AEG models purchased elsewhere for the same rate of $65 before tax.

The service is bought together with an electric airsoft gun utilizing lower receiver quick spring change VER2 or VER3 gearbox:
Spring change is $35, the spring IS included.

Example: Ares/Amoeba QSC, E&L AR GEN 1.5 and 2 Series, etc.


In the event our shop is packed busy, delays to have the spring changed may unfortunately occur. Spring change may be delayed until next day in such rare cases. Example dates includes but not limited to Canada Day, Black Friday, Christmas and Boxing Week, and New Years.
Services and cost may change without notice, spring change service is non-refundable.

*Spring change is performed during store hours only, and performed same day Wednesday through Sundays 99% of the time. If purchased Monday and Tuesdays, it will be shipped out on Wednesdays.
** Warranty is voided if security tape is tampered with within the 2 weeks warranty period. This is to make sure the system is fair for all.


Q. I want to lower the FPS on the AEG I'm purchasing together.
A. Please specify your target FPS. Some fields measure FPS via open hop (cranking the hopup all the way up during chronoing). We cannot guarantee meeting your target FPS exactly, it may be off by 10~20 FPS depending on maker and model.
Example: If target FPS is 360 FPS, a downgraded spring using M95 may result in 350FPS via open hop.

Q. I'm not satisfied with my spring downgrade service since the target FPS was not met.
A. A high FPS does not equate to longer range or better accuracy. Even a 320 FPS AEG can hurt a lot in a CQB field. How a hop-up chamber is tuned is crucial for accuracy and range. There is no meaning to FPS if cheaters don't call their hits. Target FPS cannot be met for all brands and models due to how the gearbox may be designed.
Example: G&G MP5 EBB AEG is designed differently compared to regular VER2 gearbox, making it not possible to get 100% of the FPS end user may need originally.

Q. What is the warranty for my spring change?
A. Two weeks since the day parcel was received by the end user/customer from online orders. We guarantee that the spring change is done quick, professionally, and tested to meet field requirements. Warranty is voided if security tape is tampered with.

Q. I bought the wrong service for my purchased gun, what to do?
A. You will either have to pay or we refund you the difference in cost depending on which service is appropriate for the airsoft gun you want it spring changed.

Q. I don't know which service to choose for the airsoft gun I'm buying!
A. Email us at or
Send us a Facebook Direct Message at
Call us at 416-298-3303

Q. The airsoft gun I want spring changed is not listed here!
A. Email, FB DM, or call us for a quote and special arrangements done.

Q. I am within driving distance to your store and I want the AEG I own already spring changed via this service, what to do?
A. We can perform the spring change for you no problem for in-store customers with the above mentioned rates regardless of whether it was purchased from our store or from elsewhere.