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EG 558 Red Dot (NV Ready, Commercial Marking, FDE)[EG558ComDE]

EG 558 Red Dot (NV Ready, Commercial Marking, FDE)

EG 558 Red Dot (NV Ready, Commercial Marking, FDE)[EG558ComDE]

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Quantity :
  • - Flat dark earth version, 1:1 scale perfect replica
  • - Parallax free
  • - Commercial marking
  • - Made by 7075 Aluminum
  • - Fully restored the original EXPS3 details, correct battery cap size/shape, color etc.
  • - Hold GBB impact force, 550g impact force
  • - Very clear lens, highly transmittance, no mirror effect, it doesn't reflect your face or something else etc
  • - Outer shell hard anodized, Red Dot is EXPS3-0 Red dot, with NV function. compatible with NVGs
  • - Under strong light environments, the red dot still very clear.
  • - Powered by CR2x1 (Not included)

First time setup:
Factory default brightness setting is very dim, so you have to set it up yourself upon turning it on. The top circle button is to switch between visible LED and IR mode. With IR mode, the reticle is visible under night vision goggles. Circle button is not meant to turn off the device.

To toggle brightness, it would be the bottom two rectangular buttons. [^] for brightness up, and [v] for brightness down.
Pressing both buttons at the same time turns off the device.
For first time setup, press [^] button three times. Then press IR button once. Then press [^] button three time again. Then press IR button once. Repeat process until red LED reticle is visible. After you turn off the device, it will remember its brightness position.