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Cyma AKS105 Assault Rifle AEG w/ folded stock[CM031D]

Cyma AKS105 Assault Rifle AEG w/ folded stock

Cyma AKS105 Assault Rifle AEG w/ folded stock[CM031D]

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AK105 is one of the 100-series AK produced in 1990s and a shorten carbine version of the AK74M Assault Rifle, which in tuen was derived from the AK47 design and its AK74 successor. The shortern barrel of AK105 made ot a middle ground between the full size AK74 and the compact size AKS74U. Also, AK105 is chambered to fire 5.45x39mm ammo which used on the AK74 rifle, which is different from AK102 (chambered 5.56x45mm NATO) and AK104 (chambered 7.62x39mm round) in AK100 Series.

  • - 14mm”-” to 20mm”+” AKS74U type Metal Flash Hider.
  • - Metal AK105 type frout sight and front set with plastic AK74 handguard.
  • - Metal 74U Body frame with 74U type folded stock (same body frame of CM035).
  • - Adjustable AK type rear sight with marking.
  • - Adjustable Hopup system.
  • - Black plastic AK74 hand grip.
  • - Safe & Full-Auto / Semi Selector lever.
  • - Store AK stick type battery (small plug) inside the upper body.
  • - Front and rear sling swivel wich can installed any single, 2- or 3 point tactical sling.
  • - Included 500 rounds AK74 type Hi-Capacity Magazine.