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Eshooter Flare M Tracer Unit ( Rainbow color, RGB color )[V600]

Eshooter Flare M Tracer Unit ( Rainbow color, RGB color )

Eshooter Flare M Tracer Unit ( Rainbow color, RGB color )[V600]

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The First Step of Eshooter Tracer Unit Series! With its sleek design, this compact unit delivers a vivid light trail behind each BB, ensuring precise shot tracking. Experience enhanced visibility and accuracy on the battlefield, day or night. Dominate with the Eshooter Flare Tracer and illuminate your targets with pinpoint precision.

  • - 10 Colors for options: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, White, Rainbow, Dynamic.
  • - 3 Types Color Adjustment: Single color, Rainbow color, RGB color.
  • - 3 Mode options: Flame Mode, Tracer with Flame Mode, Tracer Mode.
  • - Lightweight & Mini: 40g & 28*54mm ∅*L.
  • - Ultra-long Standby Time: More than 3 months standy by after charging full, around 6 hours working time.
  • - Wide Range of Applications: Compatible with standard, red/green tracer BBs and Gel Balls.
  • - Fast response: Supports up to 50+RPS(built-in sensor can achieve higher refresh rate and faster data transmission speed).
  • - High-brightness RGB LED: The light-emitting lamp bead is composed of 4 high-brightness RGB LEDs, which has higher luminous brightness and luminous efficiency.
  • - Wake up by shaking: Built-in vibration sensor, automatic sleep in 5 minutes, shake the product to wake up.

  • - Alloy Metal: CNC Processing Ensures Accurate Size, LOGO Laser Engraving Instead Of Printing.
  • - RGB Light: Total Four 5mm Light to Make Sure the Brightness and Luminous Efficiency.
  • - Color Button: Color Order Switching from Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Cyan-Blue-Purple-Rainbow-Dynamic.
  • - Function Button: Control Power ON/OFF, Flame Mode, Tracer Mode & Tracer with Flame Mode.
  • - Standard Adaptor: Come with M14- CCW to M11+ CW adapter for Pistol.