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Dual Dovetail Adapter Replaces J-Arm For PVS-14 (Aluminun)[SMPJ-02]

Dual Dovetail Adapter Replaces J-Arm For PVS-14 (Aluminun)

Dual Dovetail Adapter Replaces J-Arm For PVS-14 (Aluminun)[SMPJ-02]

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Dual Dovetail Adapter replaces the normal PVS-14 “J” arm to transform the user’s PVS-14 experience. This superior Anti-Wobble interface adapter provides ultimate reliability and stability. Customized operator fit and capability through heightened adjustment capacity, the Dual Dovetail Adapter retains peak readiness via fully sealed circuitry and rapid right-eye to left-eye transition. Typical “J” arm adapters are subject to vacillating while in motion, this Dual Dovetail Adapter remains steadfast even through high-velocity operations. Known for its unwavering performance and limiting wobble is a sure fix to the induced eye fatigue of normal J-Arms. The True Horizontal Adjust (THA) feature further expands field use through achieving the ideal NVG position with one-half inch infinite horizontal adjustment.

Sealed circuitry permits exceptional water resistance to prevent short outs. Right-eye/left-eye compatibility ensures accelerated conversion ability, or for enhanced performance simply attach a second dovetail to achieve on-the-fly right-eye/left-eye command.

This Dual Dovetail Adapter enhances PVS-14 goggle use through expanding the capability of the normal “J” arm in becoming an Anti-Wobble juggernaut with intensified comfortable wear and ensuring endurable operational proficiency.

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