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WELL Pro MB01AE "Alpine Sharpshooter" Upgrade Version W/ Scope & Bipod[MB01DU]

WELL Pro MB01AE \"Alpine Sharpshooter\" Upgrade Version W/ Scope & Bipod

WELL Pro MB01AE "Alpine Sharpshooter" Upgrade Version W/ Scope & Bipod[MB01DU]

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The WellPro MB01AE, also known as the L96A1/AWM with fixed stock, is a highly acclaimed British precision rifle recognized globally. Originating produced in Great Britain and adopted by numerous armed forces, it has established its reputation as a reliable and precise firearm. As the newest addition to the well-regarded Well Sniper lineup, this project underscores the brand's commitment to continual evolution and the expansion of its product range. Showcasing innovation, the Well MB01AE presents airsoft enthusiasts with an outstanding sniping platform that seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with reliable out-of-the-box performance.

  • This airsoft sniper rifle is a bolt-action type, requiring manual reloading (spring tension) before each shot, typical for spring replicas.
  • With a weight of around 3.8 kg, this formidable replica is well-balanced and offers comfort during extended use, courtesy of the Thumbhole pistol grip design typical for AWM rifles. The adaptable stock further enhances flexibility, enabling seamless adjustment to the shooter's preferences, including customizable length and check rise height.
  • The MB01AE features a 23.5-inch fluted aluminum barrel accompanied by a 22mm Picatinny rail on the slide chamber, providing versatility for mounting various optics. Adding to its authenticity, a distinct serial number is expertly engraved on the slide chamber. Constructed from reinforced polymer, the stock emulates the material used in its real counterpart. It includes mounts for a sling and a bipod.
  • An upgraded internal mechanism, similar to an Austrian brands airsoft sniper rifles
  • The replica has been equipped with a stainless steel cylinder, just like the cylinder head, an aluminum 90° piston with a seal cup-type head, and the part that works with the trigger assembly is made of stainless steel too. It features a standard APS2 9mm spring and a 9mm steel L96 spring guide. All of this is complemented by a 90° trigger box with a completely new trigger type and steel components that resist premature use. All these elements enable the replica to accommodate M130 springs up to 450 FPS. For convenience, the cylinder set can be disassembled without dismantling the entire replica but only by lowering the cylinder lock located in the trigger guard opening.
  • To achieve the best performance, the replica is equipped with a 500mm barrel with a diameter of 6.03mm. The hop-up chamber for the L96 has been upgraded by introducing an innovative hop-up rubber, characterized by an extended contact surface with the BB, enabling smooth rotation of 0.45 g or even 0.50 g BBs without any difficulty.
  • For practicality, the MB01AE has a loading indicator on the back of the bolt, allowing a quick check to see if the replica has been reloaded and is ready to fire. Additionally, there is an empty magazine indicator on the left side of the barrel.