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Armorer Works Competition Grade HI-Speed 5.1 GBB(AW-HX2701)

Armorer Works Competition Grade HI-Speed 5.1 GBB(AW-HX2701)

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Pistol is outstanding. With a couple cons, though. Accuracy is 10/10, with .28 g bbs I was able to use this gun as my “primary” while lending my aeg . It not only holds an incredible amount of bbs for a pistol, but with an extended mag it’s unstoppable. My friends were commenting on the loud noise, the weight and solid feel, along with the apparently very hard hitting bbs that this thing puts out. Cons: Aesthetically, the gold does fade with use and I’ve noticed the spots I touch the most (trigger, safety, hammer) faded very quick when compared to my CowCow good accessories on my Glock style pistols. I’ve also had a rather annoying issue with my pistol, as the rear sight completely blew apart and flew into a field of tall grass to live forever, and now I’m left with a simple bead sight on the front. The plate for the rear sight is still there, so it’s manageable without looking awful, but I do hate when it’s noticed. Lastly, the pistol is no longer coming apart for me when I attempt to remove the slide. The body pin pops out with repeated firing, and even when out the slide is jammed on something as it moves forward. Also related to this; the slide catch/release RARELY works. With the odd magazine, it functions flawlessly. That said, 5 magazines in and I’ve found one (the extended 50rd) that actually locks back when empty. Having purchased this pistol from airsoft depot, and I’m sure they’ll be as helpful as possible, so I’m not concerned at all. Buy or Pass? If you do not have a side arm, do not have the greatest set up for a primary, or if you have a sniper load out, I’d say this pistol is an absolute must have. It hits harder than my buddy’s WE 1911, holds twice as much in a standard mag, and is quite the statement piece when it comes to the looks. Nothing quite as satisfying as someone walking by me in my ghillie suit just to turn around and realize that the gold reflection they just caught in the corner of their eye is the “end of the line” till next spawn. *not going to say I recommend it, but a friend of a friend of a friend of mine uses co2 regularly and it hasn’t caused any issues aside from screams of pain when one is shot with the hot shots*
by Blake Dougherty Date Added: Wednesday 26 April, 2023
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