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Refund Policy

General Warranty and Return Policy:

Last Updated: June 30th, 2018

Global Policies (applies to all category based policies):
  1. Only brand new products with its original packaging can be returned back to us within 7 days since the product was purchased in store, or parcel was received by the end user/customer from online orders. The shipping cost of the product and the return shipping to be sent back to us will not be covered for refund.
  2. Depending on the rules specified under category based policies, we may accept returns of opened products but a 20% restocking fee will be applied. Shipping cost of the product and the return shipping to be sent back to us will not be covered for refund.
  3. If we deem a returned product has been abused by the end user as written within the individual policies below, we reserve the right to refuse repair, exchange, or refund of the product. We will not return the product back to the end user unless they pay for the shipping cost to be shipped back. Under this condition, IF we supplied a prepaid return shipping label to the customer earlier on, we may expect the end user to pay for the full price of the prepaid label as well.
  4. We do not guarantee perfect finishing and/or quality of the products we carry; we simply carry what the manufacturer offers us. Depending on the situation, we are capable of testing an airsoft gun before shipping out upon request.
  5. All photos on our website are purely for reference purposes only. Both the packaging and actual product may slightly differ from actuality due to slight changes per batch when procured from manufacturer and/or supplier.
  6. We do not guarantee that the original packaging/box of a product is free from dents or damage. We only guarantee that the product housed within the packaging is of working order and brand new in nature.
  7. All sales are final for products listed as “clearance or junk.” No warranty is provided under any circumstances whatsoever under said category. Please call or email us at for specific inquiries on clearance or junk items before purchase if unsure.
  8. All sales are also final for consumables and any battery products. Consumables are in regards to products such as (but not limited to) green gas, BBs, silicon oil/grease, and Thunder Bs.

Airsoft Guns:
  1. All airsoft gun sales are FINAL. We do not accept returns of an airsoft gun unless the gun itself is defective.
  2. All airsoft guns* carry a standard, 7 days warranty provided by Airsoft Depot Canada since the day the gun was purchased in store, or parcel was received by the end user/customer from online orders. We encourage customers to test the purchased airsoft gun as soon as possible and contact us within 48 hours of purchase. We only accept exchange for out-of-the-box defective airsoft gun products as long as a replacement of the same product is available. We can only provide a refund if a replacement cannot be provided. Please kindly give us up to 3 business days for a proper response.
  3. *Special instructions bolded or highlighted in red on certain product pages in the product descriptions may override the above rule under this (Airsoft Guns) category.
  4. Any sort of modifications done to the airsoft gun (during the warranty period) internally or externally would automatically void our warranty service. For example, painting your gun, upgrading the internals, or modifying the battery connectors to deans or vice versa with Tamiya connectors and ultimately frying your gun.
  5. Do not attempt to diagnose or repair an airsoft gun if you are faced with an issue/error from the airsoft gun itself. Stop all activity and use of the gun, and report the incident in detail to Depending on situation and the severity of the matter, we will provide diagnosis and instructions on the issue and/or provide approval for the airsoft gun to be sent back for repair or exchange.
  6. Assuming the airsoft gun is deemed defective and approved for return to be exchanged or repaired, the end user customer must send it back in its original factory packaging (everything that originally came with the gun such as magazine, instructions booklet, clear plastic bag, etc). The customer is expected to wrap the packaging of the gun in completely opaque wrapping paper or garbage bag and seal well with tape. If certain conditions are met, we may instead provide a prepaid return shipping label and return shipping instructions via email.
  7. If an airsoft gun has been sent/shipped back to us under our approval during the warranty period, the cost of return shipping will be covered as a store credit (assuming a return shipping label was not provided). The store credit can be redeemed and used for future purchases on this website ( If the airsoft gun has been inspected, repaired, and/or replaced, we will cover the reshipping cost.
  8. If the airsoft gun has been deemed working and not defective upon inspection by our Techs, we will have you pay for the reshipping cost back to your shipping address. If a prepaid return shipping label has been provided with, we will also have you pay for said label as well. The same rule applies if the airsoft gun has been deemed damaged from customer abuse. Customer abuse happens when the end user attempts to repair, modify/tinker/take apart, upgrade the airsoft gun during the warranty period, screws it up, and provides false pretense in regards to the damage itself. Physical damage and mishandling, such as dropping the gun, using low quality “Can-Tire/Walmart-tier BBs”, or using the wrong rated battery (i.e. using high discharge rate battery on an airsoft gun that’s not rated for it) will also count as “customer abuse.” Abused products do not qualify for any sort of refund or exchange.
  9. Manufacturer included "bonus items" such as, but not limited to cleaning rod, sample bb, bb loader, sling, battery, and charger, are not eligible for warranty. These "bonus items" are included AS IS and are included for testing purposes by the manufacturer. We do not guarantee the proper function of said "bonus items."

Parts or Gear:
  1. A one week warranty is only provided for out-of-the-box defective parts or gear products.
  2. We do not guarantee the fitting of the parts/scopes/gears. Please do research or ask up front.
  3. No returns or exchange for all BDUs, shirts, pants, goggles, helmets, and boots/shoes due to hygiene reasons unless it is reported "defective" within 48 hours of purchase. Please kindly do your own research, send us an email, or message us on Facebook for questions on sizing.

  1. Bell Handgun Extended Warranty Program is carried by Airsoft Depot Canada and its authorised retailers ONLY.
  2. Free parts and repair service within 30 days of purchase or when parcel is received from Online Orders.
  3. The abuse and unauthorized disassembly of Bell handguns are not covered by this Warranty Program and voided.
  4. Customer is responsible for the shipping cost for the handgun to be repaired at authorized retailers. Retailers will pay for the return shipping back to customers.
  5. The Customer is only responsible for both shipping and return shipping if there is nothing wrong with the handgun itself.
  6. Airsoft Depot Canada offers basic troubleshooting for all Bell handgun bought at authorized retailers via Online Support Center at: Please give us up to 7 days for a proper response. Please and Thanks.
1 x Cytac Drop-Leg Platform
1 x SF RD Universal Holster W/ XH35 Flashlight Package
1 x WE G-Series/Hicapa Gas Magazine Fill Valve
1 x A&K STW/PTW M90 Complete Cylinder (300~320 FPS, Stainless Steel)
1 x TMC Modular Chest Rig ( Set A CB )
1 x PTS EPM Internal Kit (Black)
1 x PTS Enhanced Polymer SR25/M110 Magazine (AEG, BK)
1 x S&T Sterling 110rd Midcap Magazine
1 x PTS SAPI Dummy Plates (Front & Back) Medium
1 x TMC 20Ver Kydex Holster Set for GBB Glock (MCBK)
1 x A&K STW/PTW M110 Complete Cylinder (400 FPS, Stainless Steel)
1 x AW VX/G Series Magazine Feed Lip
1 x HRG Micro Fight MK3 Chest Rig CB
1 x HRG Shoulder Pad Set (Multicam)
1 x Classic Army 40 Rounds Mid-Cap Magazine for SVD AEG series
1 x Dominator™ 12g CO2 Refill Charger
1 x HRG Adaptive Plate Carrier (Crye Precision Multicam)
1 x Tactical PMAG M4 Magazine Base Plate Red
1 x HRG Buttstock Shotshell Holder
1 x AD Custom Oil-Resistant Gas Fill O-Ring Set for Airsoft Gas Gun
1 x EmersomGear JPC/AVS 6x6 Side Amor Carrier Set BK
1 x AW Drum Magazine Windnig Mechanism Module
1 x HRG Zip-On Backpack For JPC 2.0 (BK)
1 x NATO Magpul 5.56
1 x HighReady Gear Tactical Agile Pack DE (Molle ready, Sportline)
1 x HRG Modular MK3 Assault Pack (Multicam Black)
1 x WE P38 14rds Green Gas Magazine
1 x Hicapa 5.1 Magazine Feed Lip
1 x AW HX / NE Gas Magazine Rubber Gas Route
1 x Emerson Six Pack For 40MM Grenade (CB)
1 x TMC 5X79 Compact Holster (Multicam)
1 x HRG Modular Assault MK3 Chest Rig (Multicam Black)
1 x FT MBSS Assault Pack (CB)
1 x EMERSON Modular Assault Pack w 3L Hydration Compartment (AOR1)
1 x HRG Adaptive Plate Carrier (500D Nylon, BK)
2 x HRG MOLLE Drop-leg Platform (Tan)
1 x VSS Magazine (Hicap, 200 rounds)
2 x Amomax 1911 Holster Gen2
1 x Emersongear Chest Rig to Vest Adapter Kit CB
1 x HRG Adaptive Plate Carrier Set A (Crye Precision Multicam)
1 x TMC 75rds AEG PMAG Box (5 pcs, BK)
1 x FMA Fast Type Ballistic Helmet Cover (OD, Large)
1 x EMG / SAI Utility Compact Gas Magazine (For RMR-cut Ver.)
1 x SF X400 Tactical LED Pistol Light w/ Red Laser BK
2 x Night Evolution HELMET LIGHT SET GEN 3 (BK)
1 x M-LOK & Keymod Offset Picatinny Rail Mount (M300/600 Ready,DE)
1 x Double Bell AK Sling
1 x Air-tight Nozzle, Recoil Shock M4
1 x FMA EXF BUMP Helmet RG TB741 M/L
1 x 30mm Twist Mount
3 x Tactical Mini ModButton Pressure Remote Switch BK (SF plug)
1 x Monopod Floor Plate For PMAG Style Magazines
1 x Well AK74 GBBR Green Gas Magazine
1 x Double Bell SCAR-H 90rds Mid-cap Magazine DE
2 x WE Loading Nozzle For WE P226(F226)
1 x EmersonGear CP Style Adaptive Vest -Heavy Version (MCTP 500D)
1 x Compact Model Tool Kit
1 x EmersonGear Linkage Reduction Metal Airgun Target
1 x Fast Helmet Side Cover (FG)
1 x HRG Laser-cut MOLLE Drop Leg Platform (BK)
1 x ASG Gear Grease
1 x Night Evolution Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch(2x3.5mm,DE)
1 x HEL STAR 6 Gen 3 LED Helmet Light/Marker (DE, Red)
1 x Wire Guide System (M-LOK & Keymod, DE, MA Type)
1 x FMA LA-5C PEQ15 Red/IR Laser/LED Weapon Light (BK)
1 x MOE Illumination Kit (BK)
1 x Night Evolution Remote Dual Switch (2 Plug, NE07011)
1 x TLR-1 Style Flashlight (Perfect Edition, BK)
1 x CD R-Style Micro Flashlight BK
2 x Tactical Mini ModButton Pressure Remote Switch DE (3.5mm plug)
2 x Tactical UT Hot Button Remote Switch MLOK&Keymod, 2.5mm plug, BK
1 x SF M300/600 Series Tail Button Switch
2 x Tactical UT Hot Button Remote Switch (Picatinay, 2.5mm plug, BK)
3 x HighReady Gear Tactical LED Flashlight (500 Lumens)
3 x Tactical UT Hot Button Remote Switch M-LOK, Flashlight, DE
1 x APL Gen3 Style Pistol Flashlight (DE, 300 Lumens)
2 x Night Evolution Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch(2x3.5mm,BK)
1 x FUSION Style ModButton Swtch&Mount For M300,M600 BK (3.5mm)
1 x WML Gen2 Style LED High Output Flashlight (BK, 400 Lumens)
1 x Night Evolution Remote Dual Switch (1 Plug, NE07014-BK)
1 x CD R-Style Standard Flashlight DE
1 x TLR-1 HL Style Flashlight (1000 Lumens, CB)
1 x Night Evolution Dual Function Tape Switch (NE 07010)
1 x Sotac X300/X400 Remote Dual Switch Assembly BK
1 x SF M300V LED Scout Light BK(500 Lumens, Strobe)
1 x FUSION Style ModButton Swtch&Mount For M300,M600 DE(Flashlight)
2 x SF M720V LED Tactical Flashlight (BK, 270 Lumens)