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1 x Night Evolution Remote Pressure Switch for Flash Light (BK)
1 x HighReady Gear Tactical LED Flashlight (500 Lumens)
1 x WML Gen2 Style LED High Output Flashlight (BK, 800 Lumens)
1 x TLR-1 Style Flashlight (Perfect Edition, BK)
1 x Night Evolution Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch (SF&2.5mm,BK)
1 x RMR Riser Mount
1 x Matrix 3 Slot Riser QD Mount (Hight adjustable)
1 x M4/M16 Carry Handle Mount
1 x SF M300B LED Scout Light BK(400 Lumens, Double swtich version)
1 x Night Evolution Dual Function Tape Switch (NE 07010)
1 x Night Evolution Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch (SF&3.5mm)
1 x ARES Bipod Mount for Keymod
1 x T1 Scope Low Mount
1 x SF M300 M600 KeyMod Scout Light Mount
1 x AK Side Mount Base
1 x Sotac Flip Mount Riser Set For Eotech (FDE, Flip To Right)
1 x Armorer Works HX Sight Mount Kit
1 x SF M300W KM1-A (Dual Function Tape Switch, Strobe Ver., DE)
1 x B-Comp 25mm Doc Sight Platform
1 x Manta Strobe (DE,Green)
1 x SF M300/600 Series Tail Button Switch
1 x SF M720V LED Tactical Flashlight (BK, 270 Lumens)
1 x ACM L3 NGAL Red Laser W/LED Flashlight (Nylon Version, BK)
1 x 5KU Plastic Nozzel With Tool Adjust NPAS set
1 x Army G36 GBBR Nozzle (WE G36 Compatible)
1 x ACM L3 NGAL Red Laser W/LED Flashlight (Aluminun Version, DE)
1 x CQB Russian HPA Adapter Valve for JAG ARMS/Golden Eagle Shotgun
1 x Valken Tactical Thunder V Fire Lever
1 x Valken Cylinder Dumbbell (6 pk, Dumbbell Shells)
1 x 30mm Mount Rings
1 x Valken Thunder V2 CO2 Sound Simulation Grenade Core Set
1 x 25mm Low Mount Rings
1 x 5KU Replacement Rubber Bullet for 40mm Cartridge (12pcs)
2 x CQB Russian HPA Valve For TM GBB Pistol & Rifle
2 x CQB Russian HPA Valve For WE GBB Pistol & Rifle
1 x CYMA M870 30 RDs Shells (6 pcs pack, Tokyo Marui Compatible) BK
1 x Tactical Mini ModButton Pressure Remote Switch BK (SF plug)
1 x HRG M60 M249 Gun Bag (BK)
1 x Vector Optics Riser Mount For Frenzy/Docter Sight