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Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

Welcome to Airsoft Depot Classifieds (ADC). We here at Airsoft Depot would like to provide our customers with a safe buy/sell platform to use. All products posted/listed will be strictly Airsoft and Airsoft related items only. All ADC users are to agree with our Terms and Agreements before accessing this platform. To ensure customer privacy all account information will be kept on ADC's private server, and will not be open to public.

Terms and Agreement
  • - All ADC users must be 18 years of age or above.
  • - To use ADC you need to have a registered online account with us at with at least one transaction in your account history. If you have a verified account without any transaction, you may simply purchase a one-time $2 token to use ADC.
  • - To post a listing for 2 weeks, you would need to purchase one $2 token. For VIP members, the token is $1. You may purchase multiple tokens for longer periods of time, each token is worth two weeks of advertising.
  • - ADC will not be responsible for any product description accuracy, product warranties, damaged products, and liabilities of products when purchased.
  • - ADC is for private sell/buy/trade only, no retailing is allowed.
  • - There will be zero tolerance on any discrimination, or belittling of other ADC users. Any action of this sort will lead to their immediate account termination.
  • - Any users performing scams, or abusing the ADC platform will have their account terminated immediately.

Tips of using ADC
  • - We encourage all ADC users to respect local authorities. When doing sales/trades/buys refrain having any of these products shown in public.
  • - Always choose a safe, and comfortable location when meeting another user.
  • - If a sale seems too good to be true, question it and make a logical decision.
  • - For ADC users own safety we encourage all users to not give out any personal information or credit card information, we suggest using PayPal as the method of payment.
  • - Do not post personal contact in the listing.
  • - Using ADC’s messaging system will keep our user’s anonymous, and personal information safe.
  • - Most products on ADC may be pre-owned, and used. If possible we encourage all users to inspect and test the items if possible prior to finalizing payment.
  • - Always do additional research before purchasing any used items, check compatibility and fitment before purchasing.

ADC Works With Local Authorities
To ensure all ADC user confidence, our page will be moderated by our admins for any malicious attempts, and suspicious activities. By creating an ADC account you consent to the administrators of ADC to provide and share all relevant personal information to local authorities in the event of suspected criminal activity. Any suspicious activities and malicious attempts will be reported to local authorities.
Safe places to do trades, and legal by-law questions
We have provided a links below as a suggestion to do buy and sells at a safe location. Locations will vary per provinces/city. If unsure contact your non-emergency police line for your local area.

Non-Emergency Police line

Safe Trade Station